Great Golf Umbrella for Everyone


Most people think and it’s possibly true that all umbrellas are practically the same, so why do we bother to choose for golf? When discussing these with my wife while playing golf on my local course, she asked exactly the same answer. But I still can’t think of appropriate answer, so I will just say that choosing perfect umbrella for golfing is a little more complicated than choosing one for casual activities. For example, good golf umbrellas for rain are supposed to keep both – you and your golf clubs dry and safe from water, while other umbrellas are usually only responsible to cover only yourself and nothing else.

How to choose best umbrella for golf?

Now another thing that makes golf umbrellas outstand is their size. Most of them are usually 50 or more inches, sometimes even 70 inches wide. And such size is extremely overkill for just walking and other basic stuff. Top notch golf umbrellas also usually come from advanced ventilation or other kind of system to easily handle strong winds and rain. Because some people don’t stop playing golf even during the winter, so weather can get pretty bad, and you surely want very strong umbrella to rely on. Other than that, there is not much of a difference between those two.

Another issue most golf umbrellas have is low quality shaft material. Some are made of aluminum, while others consist of even cheaper materials, and overall, are very weak. And trust me, you want to avoid umbrella that will turn inside out very easily. Instead, every best golf umbrella I’ve seen on market has top quality fiberglass shaft, which is very sturdy material and feels great while holding as well. By buying high quality golf umbrella like these, you minimize chances of anything going wrong during your time at golf course.

It’s also very important to pick umbrella with handle made of rubber. Some companies create umbrellas without this feature, and use plastic instead, but in the end, those are just worthless. Best golf umbrellas always come with rubber handle to eliminate chance of slipping or anything. They feel good in hand and are very comfortable to hold. In the end, wing materials are also very important, as they are main thing that defend you during the rain. Again, very cheap golf umbrellas tend to have ones that tear very easily and often, but not all of them. By choosing best golf umbrella between these listed in this article, you make a right choice.

And the last, but not the least – size. To choose large golf umbrella for your needs, you need to define what you need it for. If you usually go golfing on golf course alone, then probably you’re good with more compact golf umbrellas, which are 50 inches wide or less. And it’s also important to keep in mind that most golf umbrella manufacturers advertise their product by arc size, not actual diameter. So actual edge to edge width might be a little less than advertised. You can check the product description or that particular golf umbrella reviews to find out exact size if you’re interested.  I also like to know size of the umbrella when closed, because it helps me determine where I’ll put it. The one I currently use is perfectly good for my back seat. Some large golf umbrellas also have trouble fitting the golf push cart if you use one. And knowing what you’ll need best golf umbrella for is also great for shopping. If you want it for yourself and golf bag, or one more person, it’s recommended to get very large product.

If you’re too lazy,  you’ll find it comforting that newest golf umbrellas come with auto open and close buttons. But button close system seems to be a little bit expensive, so if you want best golf umbrella for the money it would be better if you avoid that feature.

10 Things Every Novice Golfer Should Know


Figure out how to pay consideration on the club face, and know where it is at effect. How the club face is displayed to the ball at effect is the significant variable in golf, but so few individuals show it, centering rather on things like backswing which ar surrogates, best case scenario. Customary golf guideline settlements impacts as though they’re causes, which prompts disappointment.

Take in the essentials of how the club face cooperates with the ball, and the (lesser) impact of the way of the swing through effect, wed that to your familiarity with the club face all through the swing and afterward play about at the reach to locate your ideal swing.

Invest far less energy attempting to change things when swinging a club. Figure out how to listen to your body. Our proprioceptive framework resemble an extraordinarily perplexing and itemized GPS for our bodies, but then most golfers disregard this excellent criticism.

Figure out how to hone viably. Most golfers do not understand how. Consider how you rehearse at the reach. Do you generally pick an objective? Most golfers don’t, or pick one much too wide (e.g.,”the focus of the reach”). Consider what you do on the course – we hit one ball to an alternate focus on every time utilizing an totally alternate club (about) correctly. Although, to be honest,On numerous golf players hit numerous balls to one target (in the event that they utilize an objective, see above) with the same club. And afterward say “I can’t take my extent diversion to the course”. This is because of different opinions and looks that most golfers have about such basics of golf.

Be reasonable about your club choice while honing. You’ll utilize your putter upwards of 30 times a round, so ensure your practice mirrors that. In case you’re just beginning to play golf, you are going to have quick enjoyment shot (chip/bitch/fortification) on generally gaps. You’ll utilize your driver on a greatest of 14 gaps. But then it’s uncommon to see golfers hone in that proportion. Hell, it’s uncommon to see golfers hit a shot to an objective under 100 yards away at any rate deliberately.

I trust I have missed more foot and two foot putts than any living man who has played golf the same time allotment, and what I need to say in regards to this stroke is based upon more watchful and general experience than any one I have met so far.

I have little uncertainty that my perspectives may not parallel those of numerous great putters, but rather I realize that the arrangement I sought after so diligently for a long time was the explanation behind my sporadic putting.

Comfortable begin I state straight that putting is not a matter of nerve or determination by any stretch of the imagination, despite the fact that I realize that this feeling is straightforwardly in spite of the perspectives I hear frequently. Astringent experience has taught me everything i know and I reason to adhere to my suppositions. I changed in 18 months from a most flighty putter to an extremely steady putter and I know the motivation behind why.

On the off chance that nerve or resolution would have holed putts for me I ought to never have missed a putt. I basically worked from a false hypothesis. I have putted also in basic matches as I ever putted in my life, and I have putted as horrifyingly in a well disposed round as I ever did in a basic match. I did what I have lectured against so much, and that is “hardened” my muscles. I made the diversion hard for myself.

Putting tips can also be found on this awesome website called (check article right here)

My hypothesis was to lessen the craft of putting to a precise science by some technique for controlling the club which would make it difficult to turn out badly. The club would need to go that way, and it was a physical invalid possibility for it to go whatever other route than that which I expected. I putted the two extremes every one of the years I attempted that thought; splendidly on occasion and horrendously at different times; more terrible than a man who never played the amusement in his life.

best golf set for beginners – Pro’s and Con’s


First of all, before giving any tips or advices, I want to point out that title of this guide might be confusing for some people. Because they are generally looking for best individual golf clubs for beginners, and want to assemble custom golf club set, while others prefer buying beginners golf club sets, like I did. And I must say, I was very satisfied with product I got, best beginners golf clubs I’ve ever played with. I’m talking about callaway strata set, which, in my opinion, is perfect choice for any beginner golfers out there – it’s very affordable and comes with best golf clubs for beginners, stand bag and head covers at the same time. Although its advertised as Callaway golf club set, which it is not. Strata is the brand name callaway probably acquired several decades ago, and now uses it to produce affordable and good golf clubs for beginner golfers. But honestly, it does not make much difference to me, but I still thought it would be interesting to mention it, as some people mistakenly consider that callaway makes these club sets. So you might ask same question that tons of people have already asked me, and is the reason why i decided to write this post. To find out a lot more about beginners clubs, check out this post as well –

what makes it best beginners golf clubs set?

Now some people might not agree with me, while I say that these are the best beginners clubs on market right now. But considering its price, and what you get for the money, these club sets have incredible value. When looking for different options to buy as a beginner player, I wanted durable, nicely designed and affordable beginners golf clubs, and these are exactly what I was looking for. Clubs are designed to improve beginner golfers’ results and make their time on golf course more enjoyable. Quality of clubs is also outstanding, I’ve owned them for 2 seasons now and every one of them look and work perfectly. And you also get amazing lightweight stand bag, which is also very sturdy and good looking. This bag also has five nice pockets and extra cooler pocket as well, so it’s pretty spacey and perfect for this set of 9 golf clubs. Except for stand bag and good beginners golf clubs, you also get two head covers driver and woods protection. To sum up, these might not be best golf clubs for beginners ever made, but they have incredible value. If you look up the prices of the stand bags, you’ll realize that you get all these clubs for like hundred dollars. Which is again, best deal for the money. Of course, there are other beginners’ club manufacturers who also make club sets, but I haven’t tried any of them, so I can’t really give my honest opinion about their durability. Another thing that makes these clubs so popular is that they can be used by wide variety of men. I mean height. People always complain about golf clubs not fitting them, but I haven’t seen any single beginners golf club reviews saying that these were misfit. Manufacturer probably had hard time creating such versatile pack of golf clubs, but thankfully they succeeded. For a little more than hundred dollars you get 9 clubs, two golf club head covers and one stand bag, but if you want more, you can find 16 and 18 piece packs on market as well, but of course, they are more expensive than these.

To conclude this guide, I will say that if you’re casual golfer like me, and only visit course dozen or a little more times during the summer, this one or any other best rated golf clubs for beginners are perfect for you. At least for those of you who are just starting and don’t want to risk expensive golf clubs. These are perfect to start out, gain experience and improve your results by practice. And then, when you’ve mastered art of golf, you can always upgrade to better clubs if you want.

Golf Clubs For Ladies


As we’ve mentioned in another post on our website, women have been playing golf for a long time now, and this sport seems to be quite popular among females. So it’s no surprise that golf equipment manufacturing companies started working on women’s golf clubs as well. At the beginning the demand for best women’s golf clubs was really slow, but after few decades, women golfers’ quantity increased a lot, so golf clubs designed for women became better. In the 21st century, golf is one of the most popular sport among women in America, so famous manufacturers are selling women’s golf club sets that are top notch quality and sometimes even better than men’s clubs for the same price range.

There are all sorts of women’s golf clubs and club sets available – affordable sets for beginners and high quality advanced club sets for professionals as well. Of course, beginners are free to use best women’s golf clubs for practice, but in my opinion, it’s better to start practicing using affordable women’s golf clubs, which are just perfect for beginners. To find out which clubs will improve your game most effectively, check out this article :

Speaking of affordable golf clubs, I must note that if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’re better off with best rated women’s golf club sets, because these products come with 7-12 high quality clubs, all manufactured by renowned golf club companies like Callaway or Wilson. Plus, if you thoroughly read women’s golf club reviews online, all suggest that these are the best you can get for your money and you can save effort and time of collecting whole set, as well. They come packed with exact clubs that you need as a beginner. Plus, you get considerable discount from manufacturer when buying in bulk, and most golf club sets for women come with stand bag and head covers as well. Decent golf bags cost at least 50$ themselves, so you can do the rest of the math, and you’ll realize that you can’t go wrong when buying best rated women’s golf clubs and all the accessories you need.

If you still prefer to collect golf set all by yourself, I highly recommend getting golf stand bag, because I have one that doesn’t have such feature and carrying it across the golf course is really disturbing. I’m planning to replace it very soon. Also try to avoid golf stand bags that need to be assembled in order to stay still.

Best rated womens golf club sets are usually very light too. And that’s really handy, because even though some women are strong, and even stronger than men, some of us still have hard time carrying heavy golf equipment around.

Since I’ve been talking so much about them, you’re probably wondering how much do these best golf clubs for women cost, and I think you’ll be gladly surprised when you find out that these can be bought for several hundred dollars, usually around 200-300$. Even though clubs aren’t that expensive, they still fit most women’s basic needs. For example, if you’ve started golfing in your senior years and want clubs that will be the most fun to play with, look no further. But if you’re planning on playing golf seriously, or just don’t mind spending a little more, Callaway and Adams have amazing sets available, which are probably best golf clubs for women on the market right now.

History of Golf


The most precise recorded case of golf being played with simple principles was in thirteenth century Netherland. During that tame, golf was famous by the name colf, which was the word for stick in their native language, and took after golf in that the article was to hit a cowhide ball with that stick towards an objective, utilizing the least chances conceivable.

Colf was popular again in fourteenth century, when the chamber of Brussels did not allowe it anymore. And if you were caught golfing  in 14th century Brussels, you could hope to pay few shillings and relinquish your outfit!

It’s hard to perceive exactly the amount this early incarnation of golf looks like the one we are acquainted with today, to a great extent on the grounds that the data we have is spurious. Some contend, notwithstanding, that this round of “proto-golf” is the genuine source of advanced golf.

In the twentieth century, golf blasted in North America. Fairways kept on being manufactured, however there was a brief interference amid The Great Depression. After world war two, notwithstanding, golf hit its step again and toward the end of the late 21st century, more than 5,000 courses running around the world.

The golf ball as we probably am aware it today likewise came to fruition in the twentieth century, when the Bramble ball cleared a path for “Meshies”, balls with latex centers and twisted with cross section. The dimpled surface, as well, got to be prevalent after its patent terminated in the late 40ies of 20th century. Today, golf balls have decisively several hundred dimples on their surfaces, all for the sake of cutting edge optimal design! Golf clubs started to look like what we utilize today, with chipping, putting, and wedge-head golf clubs all publicized in mid twentieth century productions. Today, you can buy clubs made of manufactured carbon steel, carbon fiber, or even titanium, with sticker prices hitting the ten thousand dollar mark for a solitary driver.

Furthermore, the 21st century saw some improvement for ladies in the game, a demographic generally overlooked in the early history of golf. Even though the main ladies’ golf club was framed 19th century in Scotland, golf was still to a great extent considered a male gender’s game. Later, in 1938, woman called Didrickson-Zaharias put womens golf on the table again, turning into the primary lady ever to contend in a mens competition, the Los Angeles Open. Other ladies took after, and in 1950 she was a fellow benefactor of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), now the most established and beloved womens proficient games relationship in America. The consideration of ladies in golf soon turned out to be entirely lucrative, in any case, with the Shinnecock Golf Club in New York building up a 9-gap women green not long after opening its enrollment registry to ladies in the late twentieth century.

It wasn’t until fifties, nonetheless, that the Ladies Professional Golf Association, or LPGA was framed. It was the first of its kind, and granted a $50,000 prize to the victor of the main LPGA competition champ. Today, the Ladies Professional Golf Association honors more than $41 million to its visit champions!

Find out more about golf history and how did it start, with this fun YouTube video i’ve found online.

Top golf courses in Vegas


Top 5 Golf Courses in Nevada (Las  Vegas)

Primm Valley

It’s just half an hour ride from the Strip to achieve this desert spring in the Mohave Desert. There’s some open deliberation about which Fazio course is better, the Lakes or Desert. Both opened a year separated in 1990s and give comparable view, albeit diverse styles. As the name proposes, a broad lakes and waterway framework becomes possibly the most important factor on the nearly 7000-yard standard 71 Lakes Course. Palm and mesquite trees, prickly plant and betray wildflowers complement the 7,131-yard Desert Course. Endless waste fortifications line seven gaps with water in play on five. Overall, Amazing for anyone looking for good relaxation in Nevada.

Bear’s Best 

This 7,194-yard tribute to the best gaps ever planned by Jack Nicklaus includes some intriguing turns – dark sand in the fortifications to copy those at Old Works in Montana and pines trees along one fairway as a gesture to Castle Pines in Colorado. The back nine uncovers its best minutes, including perspectives of million-dollar expensive homes, forsaken desert and the whole Strip from end to end. The insidious standard 4 eighteenth gap takes no detainees.

The Wolf at Las Vegas

The 7,604-yard Wolf Course rules as the best of the three Pete Dye plans at this desert station a 30 min drive’s from the Strip in the shadow of the Spring and Sheep Mountain ranges. It’s also worth mentioning that famous golfers like Karrie Webb and Annika Sorenstam commended the Wolf Course’s 2001 opening with a match on Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf. The island green at the 180-yard fifteenth gap looks shockingly like no. 17 on the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass.


Cascata, which costs generally several hundred dollars (300$) to play, is Caesars Entertainment Corp’s. response to Wynn and Shadow Creek. A “cascata” – an Italian word that means waterfall – streams 418 feet from the highest point of a mountain, around the Rees Jones-outlined golf course and through the extravagant 37,000-square-foot Tuscan clubhouse. The $70 million course, which opened in 2000, ascents and tumbles to take after 800 feet of height change through rough outcroppings 3,200 feet over a desert valley. Caddies are knowledgeable on perusing the smooth, jumbling greens. The 22-mile, 40-minute drive from the Strip does not prevent basin list chasers. Really luxury place for those who need one.

Wynn Country Club

Steve Wynn, who initially created Shadow Creek, took after the same outline right on the Strip. He employed Fazio to change a level, sub-par real estate parcel – the old Desert Inn Golf Club – into a lavish heaven. Fazio utilized the 140 sections of land to make a noteworthy 7,000-yard standard 70 course. The etched mounding and finishing keep every gap confined and pleasant. Every one of the five standard threes are solid. The round closures with $2 million waterfall behind the eighteenth green, a definitive image of the lavishness of this place. Overall, great place for any golfer.