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best golf set for beginners – Pro’s and Con’s


First of all, before giving any tips or advices, I want to point out that title of this guide might be confusing for some people. Because they are generally looking for best individual golf clubs for beginners, and want to assemble custom golf club set, while others prefer buying beginners golf club sets, like I did. And I must say, I was very satisfied with product I got, best beginners golf clubs I’ve ever played with. I’m talking about callaway strata set, which, in my opinion, is perfect choice for any beginner golfers out there – it’s very affordable and comes with best golf clubs for beginners, stand bag and head covers at the same time. Although its advertised as Callaway golf club set, which it is not. Strata is the brand name callaway probably acquired several decades ago, and now uses it to produce affordable and good golf clubs for beginner golfers. But honestly, it does not make much difference to me, but I still thought it would be interesting to mention it, as some people mistakenly consider that callaway makes these club sets. So you might ask same question that tons of people have already asked me, and is the reason why i decided to write this post. To find out a lot more about beginners clubs, check out this post as well – http://www.golfclubsguru.com/best-golf-clubs-for-beginners/

what makes it best beginners golf clubs set?

Now some people might not agree with me, while I say that these are the best beginners clubs on market right now. But considering its price, and what you get for the money, these club sets have incredible value. When looking for different options to buy as a beginner player, I wanted durable, nicely designed and affordable beginners golf clubs, and these are exactly what I was looking for. Clubs are designed to improve beginner golfers’ results and make their time on golf course more enjoyable. Quality of clubs is also outstanding, I’ve owned them for 2 seasons now and every one of them look and work perfectly. And you also get amazing lightweight stand bag, which is also very sturdy and good looking. This bag also has five nice pockets and extra cooler pocket as well, so it’s pretty spacey and perfect for this set of 9 golf clubs. Except for stand bag and good beginners golf clubs, you also get two head covers driver and woods protection. To sum up, these might not be best golf clubs for beginners ever made, but they have incredible value. If you look up the prices of the stand bags, you’ll realize that you get all these clubs for like hundred dollars. Which is again, best deal for the money. Of course, there are other beginners’ club manufacturers who also make club sets, but I haven’t tried any of them, so I can’t really give my honest opinion about their durability. Another thing that makes these clubs so popular is that they can be used by wide variety of men. I mean height. People always complain about golf clubs not fitting them, but I haven’t seen any single beginners golf club reviews saying that these were misfit. Manufacturer probably had hard time creating such versatile pack of golf clubs, but thankfully they succeeded. For a little more than hundred dollars you get 9 clubs, two golf club head covers and one stand bag, but if you want more, you can find 16 and 18 piece packs on market as well, but of course, they are more expensive than these.

To conclude this guide, I will say that if you’re casual golfer like me, and only visit course dozen or a little more times during the summer, this one or any other best rated golf clubs for beginners are perfect for you. At least for those of you who are just starting and don’t want to risk expensive golf clubs. These are perfect to start out, gain experience and improve your results by practice. And then, when you’ve mastered art of golf, you can always upgrade to better clubs if you want.


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