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Great Golf Umbrella for Everyone


Most people think and it’s possibly true that all umbrellas are practically the same, so why do we bother to choose for golf? When discussing these with my wife while playing golf on my local course, she asked exactly the same answer. But I still can’t think of appropriate answer, so I will just say that choosing perfect umbrella for golfing is a little more complicated than choosing one for casual activities. For example, good golf umbrellas for rain are supposed to keep both – you and your golf clubs dry and safe from water, while other umbrellas are usually only responsible to cover only yourself and nothing else.

How to choose best umbrella for golf?

Now another thing that makes golf umbrellas outstand is their size. Most of them are usually 50 or more inches, sometimes even 70 inches wide. And such size is extremely overkill for just walking and other basic stuff. Top notch golf umbrellas also usually come from advanced ventilation or other kind of system to easily handle strong winds and rain. Because some people don’t stop playing golf even during the winter, so weather can get pretty bad, and you surely want very strong umbrella to rely on. Other than that, there is not much of a difference between those two.

Another issue most golf umbrellas have is low quality shaft material. Some are made of aluminum, while others consist of even cheaper materials, and overall, are very weak. And trust me, you want to avoid umbrella that will turn inside out very easily. Instead, every best golf umbrella I’ve seen on market has top quality fiberglass shaft, which is very sturdy material and feels great while holding as well. By buying high quality golf umbrella like these, you minimize chances of anything going wrong during your time at golf course.

It’s also very important to pick umbrella with handle made of rubber. Some companies create umbrellas without this feature, and use plastic instead, but in the end, those are just worthless. Best golf umbrellas always come with rubber handle to eliminate chance of slipping or anything. They feel good in hand and are very comfortable to hold. In the end, wing materials are also very important, as they are main thing that defend you during the rain. Again, very cheap golf umbrellas tend to have ones that tear very easily and often, but not all of them. By choosing best golf umbrella between these listed in this article, you make a right choice.

And the last, but not the least – size. To choose large golf umbrella for your needs, you need to define what you need it for. If you usually go golfing on golf course alone, then probably you’re good with more compact golf umbrellas, which are 50 inches wide or less. And it’s also important to keep in mind that most golf umbrella manufacturers advertise their product by arc size, not actual diameter. So actual edge to edge width might be a little less than advertised. You can check the product description or that particular golf umbrella reviews to find out exact size if you’re interested.  I also like to know size of the umbrella when closed, because it helps me determine where I’ll put it. The one I currently use is perfectly good for my back seat. Some large golf umbrellas also have trouble fitting the golf push cart if you use one. And knowing what you’ll need best golf umbrella for is also great for shopping. If you want it for yourself and golf bag, or one more person, it’s recommended to get very large product.

If you’re too lazy,  you’ll find it comforting that newest golf umbrellas come with auto open and close buttons. But button close system seems to be a little bit expensive, so if you want best golf umbrella for the money it would be better if you avoid that feature.


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